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United States

Welcome to my page! :'D
My name is Dakota, but I'd prefer it if you called my Cookie or Arte! I love to draw and sometime animate.
I'm a freshman in a certain high school in a certain city in Tennessee. Uhm, I'm a huge fan of superwholock, and a lot of other crap. I don't know what else ops.
If you ever need someone to talk to, just note me! I'm always here to listen. C:

♥♥♥♥:iconlimegreenleaf: :iconlumln: ♥♥♥♥
♥♥:iconstarrytc: :icondreamy-days: :iconinfernolynx: :iconsnnufkin: :iconwallading: ♥♥



.:DWW:. I'll Cover You by Artemiie
.:DWW:. I'll Cover You
"I Think They Meant It
When They Said You Can't Buy Love
Now I Know You Can Rent It
A New Lease You Are, My Love,
On Life - Be My Life
You'll Be My Queen
And I'll Be Your Moat
I Think They Meant It
When They Said You Can't Buy Love
Now I Know You Can Rent It
A New Lease You Are, My Love
On Life - All My Life
I've Longed To Discover
Something As True As It Seems
So With A Thousand
Sweet Kisses
I'll Cover You" ;

I'm obsessed with RENT, I'm sorry ♥
I recently watched a live production of it at the college in my city and omg <333
It's made even more in love with it aUGHH<3

But I was listening to the soundtrack, and this song came on and I just 
so oops

Foxtrot and art (c) me 
Hollywhisper (c) Isisorah 
Fuck you anyway by Artemiie
Fuck you anyway
There's a look on your face I would like to knock out
See the sin in your grin and the shape of your mouth
All I want is to see you in terrible pain
Though we won't ever meet I remember your name
Can't believe you were once just like anyone else
Then you grew and became like the devil himself
Pray to god I can think of a nice thing to say
But I don't think I can so fuck you anyway
You are scum, you are scum and I hope that you know
That the cracks in your smile are beginning to show
Now the world needs to see that it's time you should go
There's no light in your eyes and your brain is too slow
Can't believe you were once just like anyone else
Then you grew and became like the devil himself
Pray to god I can think of a nice thing to say
But I don't think I can, so fuck you anyway
Bet you sleep like a child with your thumb in your mouth
I could creep up beside put a gun in your mouth
Makes me sick when I hear all the shit that you say
So much crap coming out it must take you all day
There's a space left in hell with your name on the seat
With a spike in the chair just to make it complete
When you look at yourself do you see what I see
If you do why the fuck are you looking at me

Why the fuck why the fuck are you looking at me

There's a time for us all and I think yours has been
Can you please hurry up cause I find you obscene
We can't wait for the day that you're never around
When that face isn't here and you rot underground
Can't believe you were once just like anyone else
Then you grew and became like the devil himself
Pray to god I can think of a nice thing to say
But I don't think I can so fuck you anyway

So fuck you anyway 

Art and character (c) me
WSC | Summerpaw | Iceclan by Artemiie
WSC | Summerpaw | Iceclan
:new: Updated art

I would react badly
To the slightest hint of hesitance
He’d bend awkwardly to suit my mood
No word from his defense

Name: Summerpaw

  Previous names - Summerkit

Age: 7+ moons

Gender: Female

Birth season: New-Leaf


||Clan Information||
I’d cry knowing how my tears
Felt like acid burning through his skin
Pushed every little button
But the right one that would let me in

Clan: Iceclan

Position:  Apprentice
Apprentice / Mentor:
       Current mentor:
       Past mentor:

       Past Apprentice: N/A
       Current Apprentice: N/A

Religious Beliefs: :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:

| Appearance |
Now he’s afraid of me
He’s afraid of me
It took me by surprise
The hatred in his eyes
I’ve pushed this man as far as he could go
But he lacked the words to let me know
He acted out, now I can see it is my fault

:bulletorange::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Rough
:bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Dry
:bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Smooth
:bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Soft

Short|:bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:| Long

  Scars: A small scratch on her left front paw from a rabbit

|| Personality ||
I made changes that went unnoticed
Sang songs for deaf ears
He mistook my silence for punishment
As it had been all these years
I’d cry knowing how my tears
Felt like acid burning through his skin

Adventurous | Curious | Confident | Skeptical | Argumentative | Vengeful | Opinionated

:bulletgreen: - Adventurous
Summerpaw loves to go on adventures. If you ever want to get to know this cat, just ask her if she wants to go exploring, by the end of the day you'd be best friends! Summerpaw will never turn down a chance to get out of the camp, even if its just to go hunting or on a patrol, she'll be excited either way. Shes hardly ever found actually in the camp, in fact shes probably anywhere besides the camp.

:bulletgreen: - Curious
This girl is always running around sticking her nose into things and trying to find out every little thing about them. She loves to push her knowledge to the limit, and then go learn something else. She thirsts to learn more and more about the world, the wants to know every little detail of the clans land, every prey and  predator that roams the Earth, every scent, every little detail in something as small as grass, she wants to know everything.

:bulletgreen: - Confident
Summerpaw has no shame what so ever. Shes not afraid to show her true colors to anyone, she hardly ever gets embarrassed or put down by anything. She's one of those cats that doesn't mind talking about personal matters, and doesn't see why others are uncomfortable about them. It would take a lot for Summerpaw to get embarrassed because shes oblivious to what should stay private.

:bulletyellow: - Skeptical
Summerpaw in a down to earth cat, she always questions everything, religious matters, clan decisions, others cats opinions or thoughts, everything. You can never tell this girl a plan, for she'll almost always instantly shoot it down and name some flaws in it.
She will always find a logical reason for everything, if a cat "magically" got healed, she would come up with  stupid reasons as to why that happened, but none of them would include Starclan. Even though she hardly believes in them, Summerpaw will always claim she does.

:bulletred:  - Argumentative
Summerpaw can put up quite a fight when it comes to her beliefs. If you we're to get in a quarrel over some stupid like if mouse is better then squirrel, she'll start screaming and getting really heated due to the matter.She always believes her opinion is superior to anyone elses, and because of it she finds herself in fights a lot. This trait mixed with her being so opinionated gives her the label of being quite grumpy.

:bulletred: - Vengeful
If you've done something to Summerpaw, she will do everything in her ability to get you back for it. This girl can hold a grudge for years until she gets her revenge.Even if its something small like if you accidentally step on her paw, she will plot to do something to you, most likely worse then what you did to her. So watch out what you do to this cat, because she will get you back.

:bulletred: - Opinionated
Something in this she-cats head tells her that her ideas and opinions are superior to everyone elses. She refuses to listen to anyone else ideas then her own, no matter if the idea is actually good or not.She is always going to be the one to shoot down your ideas the second they come out of your mouth. Summerpaw has a hard time getting along with others because of this trait, and its very easy for her to get in quarrels when opinions get thrown into the conversation.

|| Sexual Information ||
Now he’s afraid of me
He’s afraid of me

Relationship status: Single
Sexual orientation: Straight

Hot List:
:bulletpink: - Kissed
:bulletred: - Made out with
:bulletorange: - Mated
:heart: - Mate/ lover

:bulletblack: - Regreted

(Name | Rank | Clan | Role-player)

Looking For
 ✔ Lasting Relationship -
 ✘ Quick Fling -  
✔  Unsure -




It took me by surprise
The hatred in his eyes
I’ve pushed this man as far as he could go
But he lacked the words to let me know
He acted out, now I-

Brightwing | Deceased | Iceclan

Darktail | Alive | Loner


Coalpaw | Alive | Iceclan
Quillpaw | Alive  | Iceclan

Mistypaw | Alive  | Iceclan
Fallenpaw | Alive | Iceclan




It took me by surprise
The hatred in his eyes
I’ve pushed this man as far as he could go
But he lacked the words to let me know
He acted out, now I can see it is my fault

| Prior to Birth |
 A dark brown she-cat quietly made her way through the undergrowth, her bright blue eyes scanning the land in front of her. The she-cat felt a nervous fear deep within her as she slowly sat down beside a tree, how would she tell him? How would he react?
She was about to get up and run away, deciding she couldn't tell him, that the fear was to big, when she heard a familiar voice behind her.
Her head immediately shot up, adrenaline striking her entire body. She forced her gaze to meet with the dark toms brilliant green eyes.
"What did you wish to talk about?" he asked as he slowly made his way to sit by the small brown cat.
"I-I didn't want this to happen, and I know you didn't either" Brightwing stammered out quickly, her eyes falling to the ground, wide with fear. Darktail cocked his head in confusion to her sudden words.
"We should have never done this, this was all just a mistake, and now we're both going to pay." She said darkly, close to tears.
The toms heart began to race,"Brightwing, what in Starclans name are you talking about? Just tell me already!"
The she-cat had hit her breaking point, her head snapped up to Darktails, tears streaming down her small delicate cheeks.
"I'm pregnant, Darktail, with your kits!"

| Kitten |
 Small squeals sounded from the nursery,5 tiny kits huddled close to a dark brown she-cat, pushing and shoving each other to get to her milk. The she-cat was alone in the den, the medicine cat had already rushed out to gather her some herbs for the pain, and her mate was long gone.
Her bright blue eyes were soft as she looked at the kits, but clouded with sadness. They would grow up without a father, no one deserved that.
She still hadn't named her kits yet.
Her eyes fell on a white she-kit with one black paw,Fallenkit.  The light gray and black she-kit would be Mistykit, the tan and black tom would be Quillkit, and the tan and brown she-kit would be Summerkit.
Her eyes stopped on one pure black kit with white spotted ears, he looked exactly like Darktail. A sickening feeling fell upon her, it would be hard to raise him.
Coalkit she decided.

| Apprentice |

   (( Will be added once she gets a mentor))

| Warrior |


|| Relationships ||

Bullet; Purple = Family
Bullet; Yellow = Respect || Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow = Admire
Bullet; Blue = Acquaintance || Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue = Friend
Bullet; Green = Good friend || Bullet; GreenBullet; Green = Best friend
Bullet; Pink = Crush || Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink =  Love || Heart = Mate
Bullet; Black = Uncertainty || Bullet; BlackBullet; Black = Uneasiness.
Bullet; Red = Discomfort/Dislike || Bullet; RedBullet; Red = Hate
Bullet; Orange Irritated/Annoyed by || Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange = Jealous of
Bullet; White = Fear

| Iceclan |

| Willowclan |

| Heatherclan |

| Stoneclan |

| Non-clan |


Cloudy days

Serious cats
Being bossed around

Tall things

Voice Actor:

|| Role-play Information ||

Status: OPEN ( May reply late)
Timezone: Eastern

• {✔/✘} Chat Rp - Depends if I can at the time, ASK ME
• {✘} Comment Rp - NEVER.
• {✔} Note Rp - ALWAYS
• {✔} Skype Rp - ASK FOR MY USERNAME

✔= Yes | ✘= No | ✔/✘= Maybe


( Taken from an ongoing rp me and my friend are doing)

Sunlight shone brightly on the sandy beach, the waves crashed onto the shore trying their best to escape the never ending pattern. A light brown cat stood quietly watching the horizon carefully, wondering what else is out there beside the clans. He had woken up early just to see this view, the sun slowly rising over the ocean, then birds just beginning to wake and set out in search for food, a cool winter morning breeze rolling over the land, it was truly beautiful and calming.
A yawn escaped Eaglepaw as he turned around ready to head back to the camp to complete his morning duties. He had already eaten but didn't give prey to the elders first since none of them were up. He burst into a run, not wanting his father or mentor to wake up and find him missing. Sand trailed behind his paws as he tried to keep his balance on the sandy terrain.
He quickly looked over his shoulder at the water, he had never actually been in the salty water before. He had never touched it either, he just simply watched it from afar wanting someone to share the experience with him. He pushed himself forward to prevent him turning around and leaping into the oceans arms.
It wasn't long until a strong and familiar scent reached his nose. He halted and continued in a steady trot so it wouldn't seem like he was that desperate to get there. He spotted his fathers bright white pelt near the high log. Not wanting to bump into him, he carefully and quietly made his way to the fresh-kill pile. He scanned it before pulling out a rabbit, his eyes lifted and found an elegant apprentice he knew as Timidpaw. A smile appeared on his face and excitement flared through him. Before she could notice him, he slipped away to the elders den and quickly tossed the rabbit to one of the elders. "I hope you enjoy this rabbit!" he said quickly before cruising out of the den. Eaglepaw bounded up to the female apprentice,"Oh my, I think I just found an angel!" he purred as he swept in beside Timidpaw,"Its lovely to see you again." he said with a smile. 

(Ongoing rp with me and ariebutt)
Eaglepaw flinched at the news of the monster and of the clans combining. His sea green eyes quickly fell to the ground trying to process it all. join as one Shadowstars voice rang in his ears get rid of this Monster.Monster. His eyes widened as it finally got through theres a monster, a blood thirsty monster lurking in these woods. No one knows where its at. No one knows where it came from. All anyone knows is that we're all in danger.. The apprentices eyes slowly lifted from the ground. He felt dizzy and faint at the thought of all of his friends,family, clanmates, everyone he ever spoke to or even glanced at all dead. He slowly stood up from the ground and slowly looked around for someone he knew to lean on to help contain his dizziness. He spotted his father, he looked troubled and so far away. He turned his eyes to his brothers who were huddled to their mentors. It seemed so crowded here, why were there so many cats again? He felt stuck, trapped, inside the swarm of felines. He took a deep breath and quickly pushed through the many unfamiliar scents of others cats until he found a clear opening and forced himself to it. Finally able to breath, he whipped around and stared at the forest, if the demon was seen in the woods, does that mean it dens in the woods? Was it here right now? Would it what all of them sleep in the open? Choosing who to take as its prey?
He felt sick, why was this happening now? What did they do to deserve such a horrible nightmare?

From an ongoing roleplay of Ashkii and Aiyana (roleplayed by Limegreenleaf)
A crisp breeze blew across the land on the outskirts of the tribes. In the far corner of those lands was a quiet but cheerful family. The field was open but they had managed to find a large den in the opening of a forest. The family had many miles to venture and play, an open field in front of them, or a crowded forest behind them. A quiet stream flowed not to far from them that provided fresh water and minnows.
A dark gray kitten scurried out from under a leaf pile beside a fallen tree. His large, bright yellow- orange eyes shone with joy as he spotted his older brother. The young kit lurched himself onto the fallen tree to get a better view of his sibling. He pushed his small body to the bark to camouflage, he took a small step forward before completely throwing himself off onto the body of his brother. "Hey!" he shouted and pawed at his younger sibling,"No fair! You're cheating, Diego!" he demanded due to the fact that the kit had a darker pelt when he had a light yellow one.
The kitten smiled,'It's not cheating! Dad just likes me more then you so he taught me stuff!" This kittens name was Degotoga, Diego for short. He was born into the life of an exile and lived that way ever since.
He looked over to his father, Shiriki, for guidance,"I'm not cheating, right dad?" he yelled. The large gray toms eyes lifted from his mates,"Hey, I can't help it that Degotoga got my good genes!" he chuckled.
His mate, Adsila, frowned and looked over to her kits, her eyes finding those of Chetanzis,"Don't worry, once summer comes then I'll teach you to use your beautiful coat to you advantage." she purred.
The darker kittens ears perked up, something was missing. He looked all around but failed to find what he was looking for. "Wheres Aiyana?" He asked looking back over to Chetanzi.

Character and art [c] ME

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